How to Fix ‘The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error’?

Sometimes, while copying files between an external hard disk or you have connected with the multiple disks to your Windows 10 PC, some errors like The request due to fatal device hardware error occurred, this simply means that there is some fault in the hardware. However, behind this error, there might be several reasons, but Read more about How to Fix ‘The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error’?[…]

Use Google For a Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you received phone calls from a number you cannot identify because you didn’t save it in your phone? If you are trying to find a way to check up the number, then don’t put a lot of effort since this guide will show you an effective strategy to check the number. Reverse Phone Lookup Read more about Use Google For a Reverse Phone Lookup[…]

Tips to Trace an IP address

Emails have now become a regular thing. One can’t do without emails nowadays. It is one of the essential tools required to communicate with people. You need it in order to sign up for various social networking platforms. If you want to check what’s up with your friends and buy something online, then you need Read more about Tips to Trace an IP address[…]

Reasons to Update your Software Regularly

We tend to get lazy regarding software updates when we are in a hurry; maybe we have to send that mail first, perhaps we want to download the movie first. We keep on delaying the software update to the next day, to week, to months. We are lazy when it comes to updating the software Read more about Reasons to Update your Software Regularly[…]

How to Set Up and Use Screen Time in iOS 12 Devices

Do you want to set good device habits? Well, if you often find yourself whiling away hours of time, glued to your iPhone’s screen, then you might be on the verge of becoming nomophobic. More and more people are facing the issue of smartphone addiction and other similar anxieties these days. Apple has introduced a Read more about How to Set Up and Use Screen Time in iOS 12 Devices[…]

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