How to Stream Your PC Games on Android with Steam Link

The technology of games is continuously evolving since the first game was developed. From 8 bit TV game console to PC games, then Mobile Phones and now, they have come back again to the TV. The world is of gaming experience is changing. Now, a gamer can stream its PC games to your Phones and TV. It is dream come true for those who always wanted to play AAA games on their phones.

Valve and Linux compatibility for Steam offers the opportunity to the gamers to play their PC games on different devices and witness the arrival of new tech in their lives. To transform your experience from computers to Android, the steps mentioned below will help you to set up the whole system. But, before getting started, let’s find out about the Steam Link.

Steam Link allows streaming a game on another device. Previously, there was a device, a physical box, through which a computer can connect to TV. But the new app, Steam Link app, is a way to stream PC games to all the android devices like phone, tablets and Android TV. To use the facility, both the devices are needed to be connected to the same local area network. If using a wireless connection, it must be 5 GHz to stream wirelessly. The remarkable fact of the Steam Link App is that it is not developed for a specific android device or GPU. The app supports all Android devices.

If you want to play PC games with your friends, then Steam Link app is very user-friendly and through this app, you can connect your Android TV. All you need to have is a connection to which the TV and the computer must be connected.

You must be willing to know the steps to Set Up and use Steam Link.

Steps to set up and use Steam Link:

  1.    Download the Steam Link in your computer.
  2.    As you have downloaded the app, open it and click on “Steam.”
  3.    Click “Settings” from the drop-down box.
  4.    In the left bar of settings, go to “In-Home Streaming.”
  5.    Now, choose “Enable streaming” and click “Ok.”
  6.    Open “Advanced Host Options.”
  7.     Click “NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU.” Follow the step if your system has NVIDIA graphics card.
  8.    Check “Prioritize Network traffic” and click “Ok.”
  9.    You can also select the resolution and bandwidth from “Advanced Client Options” for a rich stream.
  10.    Install Steam Link beta in Android device.
  11.    Open the app and follow the instructions from the app.
  12.    The app will scan for your PC. If PC is not displaying on the right screen, then check the connections. Remember, both the device should share the same network.
  13.    Select a Host Computer. Enter the four digits PIN which you have got from the app. Now, click “Ok.”
  14.    The app will perform a quick test to check if the network is fast or slow.
  15.    As the connection is made, open the app again and select a host computer to “Start Playing” game.
  16.    Remember the controller guide and go to “Continue.”
  17.    Steam’s Big Screen Picture Mode will display all the games.
  18.    To make it easier to use, adjust the controller settings from the “Settings” option. In the “Library” you will find all your games.

A small process needs to be executed for the Stream Link app to turn your computer into the host; still, it is a new way to witness the gaming world. It is questionable “Why to play on the computer if it needs to be turned on?” gamers are finding it interesting as they don’t have to sit in front of the PC all the time and can enjoy the game on their Android device within the range of the same network.

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