Best 5 Methods to Turn Old Mobile Phone into a New One

If you are in love with your handset and don’t want to waste money to buy other latest mobile phones. Sometimes it’s happened; your utilized cells have created some problems such as- battery and performance. But no need to worry about it, Here we are providing some ways that will assist you to become smart Read more about Best 5 Methods to Turn Old Mobile Phone into a New One[…]

Cyber-Security is a Serious Concern

An alarming warning for children as well as Adults We invite troubles when we overlook cybersecurity. As the ccyberattackshave become a major and international concern, we need to understand the importance of cybersecurity. We all are living in a world which is networked together, from internet banking to government infrastructures. So if we didn’t become Read more about Cyber-Security is a Serious Concern[…]

US Supreme Court Improves Privacy with Mobile Data Ruling

Great news for the Privacy rights campaigner, Supreme Court has decided that the US government must look for a warrant to get the cell phone area information on people. They are commending a remarkable triumph after this revelation. The 5-4 administering gifts Fourth Amendment insurance to what it portrayed as “profoundly relieving” data that can Read more about US Supreme Court Improves Privacy with Mobile Data Ruling[…]

Role of Vigilance In Combating Phishing Attacks

As per a recent report, nowadays email system has no network to stop attacks spoofing completely. In other words, extra vigilance is an important part for the businesses, if you are trying to combat increasing sophistication of phishing risks. As per the report of some researchers at Virginia Tech, the new generation of hackers has Read more about Role of Vigilance In Combating Phishing Attacks[…]

A Quarter Of Employees Use The Same Password For All Accounts

According to a report from OpenVPN, employees might be the greatest asset of an organization, but they are also the most significant cybersecurity risk. In spite of an enhanced focus on cybersecurity education, 25 percent of the 500 employees from the US surveyed said that they use the same password for all of their accounts. Read more about A Quarter Of Employees Use The Same Password For All Accounts[…]

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